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Happy December, Christmas mood is already in, I hope you all ready for 2015. Bitcoin is my thing, this what I do daily, right now am preparing a course for educating on Bitcoin next year. Am loving what the Bitcoins are doing, don’t you forget to support this education initiative. At least by now my friends and a few people have literally good knowledge on Bitcoin though they are demanding for Bitcoin jobs, am glad at least I can offer some education. Here home, the experience of M-pesa has really be useful and transformative in this country and region, so to I believe Crypto currency is joining the journey to transforming Africa more and in new ways especially touching and uplifting the unbanked and boosting the potential of the people. Having been online as early as of 2006 to date; it has been out of passion for computers and internet. I have earned more money online than in my local currency, unlike many around me who get paid with local currency only and it has not been easy. First Poor Internet and Power Blackouts makes one mad,(Source of power, Internet access and a Laptop) are my most powerful daily tools. Paypal never used to work in Kenya few years ago, No Visa cards, No MasterCard’s at least the savior was western union but very expensive, I remember at some point in 2010, I incurred a total cost of 35% to do a transaction through a friend from United states where I was transferring $500 from my paypal account to her account then to Western Union and after receiving the money I loaded it Into an M-pesa account so that I could send that money to a Hotel where I was doing my graduation party. The complete transfer process took me around 4days. However times and things have changed, nowdays the fastest way to receive money from Paypal to my M-pesa will cost me atleast between 9.5% to 12% depending on the amount and the transfer process takes between 30 Mins to 2 Hours, it’s a bit reliable and fast, but still expensive. There is a local bank that offers a paypal service at a better rate but to receive the money it will take 5days to 8days, it took me 12days to receive money from my paypal account through the bank and Finally to my M-pesa. Bitcoin now is the secret, seems more of a miracle, currently for me to receive my Bitcoin in My Mpesa today is about 3% and very fast indeed. I have over years diversified my online experience ranging from Ebay, Amazon, Paypal, Youtube, Google, Facebook, Skype, Forex trading, Websites, Blogging, Affiliate Programs, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, SEO e.t.c. I have rich experience and knowledge in Computers, Smart Phones, Internet Connectivity and e-commerce. It is with these tools that the Bitcoin opportunity fully presented itself to me second time early this year when doing forex trading and I took it immediately and it lead me deep into crypto currency world. I have seen what M-pesa has done for me, my country and neighbouring countries, cryptocurrency is a whole transformative revolution of the computer generation. After deep reading and researching, few months’ a go I decided to started a Bitcoin education initiative, 3 Months down the line am speaking Bitcoin to an audience of 75 on my FB page and so many more interested in knowing more. Actually I have a joint work station where we meet with my team of marketer’s who are switching to Bitcoin and we discuss and talk everything about Bitcoin, I just realized it can turn to consultancy. On monthly basis no missing the Nairobi Bitcoin Meet-up at Nairobi (i-hub) and off course networking on Bitcoin on social media and also meeting one on one with guys around my home area who what to hear about Bitcoins. Many are the times when I meet new guys, I like asking them if they have heard of Bitcoin, most say no, some claim yes they have heard but don’t know anything about it. This is where I come in with my Bitcoin education Initiative, I love answering those questions and explaining on Blockchain and Bitcoin. The children and the youths can play a vital role as the drivers to the future, they need to be empowered and be equipped with relevant technological tools to transform and make an impact especially in My Continent Africa, and this can so easily been achieved through education. To me I see Blockchain and crypto currencies and particularly Bitcoin as the futuristic players in the digital world full of endless opportunities. My team and I are committed to taking this Bitcoin education initiative to another level higher. It is with support by Bitcoin Community that the dream of a physical Digital Training School of its kind “Crypto Tech Hub” will come to exist in Kenya. The school will offer Training and education to the young people of my country and Expand to other African nations targeting students of age group (14-24 years) from high schools, Colleges, Universities and Entrepreneurs. The goal is to equip them with necessary skills and Training in the following areas. 1. Internet Technology and Technological Revolution 2. Blockchain, Crypto currency and Bitcoin 3. 3D Printing/Addictive manufacturing 4. Globalization and E-commerce 5. Green Entrepreneurship The Digital Training School Start up support is highly welcomed; every raised Bitcoin will go towards: 1. Course work Development 2. Computers/Laptops and Internet 3. 3D Printer and 3D Scanner 4. Infrastructure Acquisition and Development (The School) 5. Logistics and Operations 6. Innovation and Development 7. Salary/Remuneration At the end of the training period which will take 6 Months, the students will graduate with a certificate indicating having fully satisfied that one has undergone training in Digital Technology and has acquired necessary skills ready to enter into the Technological Revolution of our time in various disciplines. Donate Bitcoin to support this initiative: 1NxNSD5R1JuWmPvQXgohcfyrqHVHvj3nZV
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Paypal also has a dispute handling process so in cases of disagreement over payments, Paypal will step in and put things right. Therefore, their appetite for accepting high risk transactions is low, and Forex falls into this category as transactions are classed as investments, not purchases. Its also worth noting that transaction costs with Paypal are considerably higher than competitors ... Update on affiliate program of Currently the affiliate program is down and at the moment it does not appear that this Forex broker will open another similar program. However, there are many other Forex affiliate programs that marketers can participate in. One of these is the program of the broker XM, which offers […] Forex Referral. Forex Binary Options ... 22. WP Engine: WordPress Affiliate Program (again, they're just so good) WP Engine provide managed WordPress hosting to their 50,000+ customers from over 120 countries. Their affiliate program is run by the ShareASale network and offers high commissions of $200 per sale or 100% of the first customers payment (whichever is higher.) They also provide ... XM Partners (PipAffiliates), the forex affiliate program of XM.COM for Introducing Brokers, Forex Affiliates and Money Managers. The affiliate program is a type of a marketing program that a person refers another person in a certain type of business. In the Forex market, is basically a person referring another person to register and trade for a Forex Broker. To refer someone, you need use banners, links or any other type of marketing material. If you own a website and you would like to promote a specific Broker then you ... The Forex affiliate program that our company provides will help you earn more, work less, and at the same time help to your site's visitors to get high-quality software for backtesting. If you make a decision to become one of our Forex affiliates you will be able to improve your clients’ trading skills and therefore get more endorsements from satisfied users and more new clients. Do not miss ... PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. Home Page. Our Forex Systems. Promotions. Purchasing. Contact. Affiliate Program. With this program, you will be able to earn not only by using our systems, but also by sharing informations about them. You can chose any of following 2 types . Type-1. Your Commission is 50%. You May Need To Effort. Having a Website is Not Obligatory, But May Help You . Commissions are Sent ... Another important type of program is called 2nd tier (referring a trader is consider 1st tier) – this basically means that if you are a Forex Affiliate and you refer a Forex Affiliate to the Forex Affiliate Program you get a share of that Affiliate’s revenues (can be a fixed amount or percent of revenues). Honestly, don’t count on that too much: it’s hard to track this and brokers don ... Overstock Affiliate Program. Want to furnish your entire home or office in one online shopping spree? Overstock has whatever you want – from discounted sofas and kitchen accessories to swings sets and big-screen TVs. This is one of those affiliate programs where the sky is the limit, and your affiliate earnings can follow the same path. URL: Overstock’s Affiliate Program; Commission: Up to ...

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