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FiNMAX is a binary options and Forex CFD broker that opened in 2016.

FiNMAX is a binary options and Forex CFD broker that opened in 2016. submitted by reviewbroker90 to u/reviewbroker90 [link] [comments]

FiNMAX is a binary options and Forex CFD broker that opened in 2016.

FiNMAX is a binary options and Forex CFD broker that opened in 2016. submitted by reviewfxbroker558 to u/reviewfxbroker558 [link] [comments]

FiNMAX is a binary options and Forex CFD broker that opened in 2016.

FiNMAX is a binary options and Forex CFD broker that opened in 2016. submitted by brokerreviewfx to u/brokerreviewfx [link] [comments]

FiNMAX is a binary options and Forex CFD broker that opened in 2016.

FiNMAX is a binary options and Forex CFD broker that opened in 2016. submitted by reviewfxbrokers0009 to u/reviewfxbrokers0009 [link] [comments]

FiNMAX is a binary options and Forex CFD broker that opened in 2016.

FiNMAX is a binary options and Forex CFD broker that opened in 2016. submitted by reviewfxbrokers552 to u/reviewfxbrokers552 [link] [comments]

FiNMAX is a binary options and Forex CFD broker that opened in 2016.

FiNMAX is a binary options and Forex CFD broker that opened in 2016. submitted by reviewfxbrokers9970 to u/reviewfxbrokers9970 [link] [comments]

FiNMAX is a binary options and Forex CFD broker that opened in 2016.

FiNMAX is a binary options and Forex CFD broker that opened in 2016. submitted by reviewfxbroker855 to u/reviewfxbroker855 [link] [comments] wants to explore the binary options industry, which is a multi-billion dollar market. For example, only in Israel, binary options broker companies made $5 billion profit in 2016. #Kimex #Binaryoption #Blockchain #cryptocurrency wants to explore the binary options industry, which is a multi-billion dollar market. For example, only in Israel, binary options broker companies made $5 billion profit in 2016. #Kimex #Binaryoption #Blockchain #cryptocurrency submitted by Dexis202 to altcoin_news [link] [comments]

options binaries - best binary options brokers in usa - my trading binary options scam aware 2016

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2016 JackPot Review - Does 2016 JackPot Really Work?

2016 JackPot Review
2016 JackPot is a latest binary options trading software out there in the market. I have already got my copy and today I will write 2016 JackPot review and what I get inside. So read my honest 2016 JackPot review and know what 2016 JackPot all about.
2016 JackPot Review - What is 2016 JackPot ?
2016 JackPot is an auxiliary trading tool,, known as a mechanized trading robot, or most generally, a "bot". This is a product that breaks down information from stock market and improves the trading knowledge for double options traders. 2016 JackPot is free trading software.
The best part of 2016 JackPot is that it expands the exactness level of your expectations and allows you to trade more volume with a higher achievement rate.
Is 2016 JackPot Legit?
To utilize 2016 JackPot , you must open a trading record with a binary options broker. 2016 JackPot is an free software that is continuously dispatched now, in mid-2014, and until it makes its database of customers, this monetary tool is accessible free of charge. It is exceptionally doubtful that this circumstance will stay as and accordingly it is firmly proposed to sign-in now, and profit from this preference while there is no charge.
The way that 2016 JackPot is not specifically dependent on any specific binary broker gives it a huge advantage, because the 2016 JackPot designers pick which organizations can utilize its innovation. For this reason they have set elevated expectations for any facilitate that wishes to offer this magnificent profit to its traders.
Binary options trading scams exist, and the Navigator programming makes sure to distance itself of such rumors, by permitting clients to pick just between a select groups of trustworthy brokers. The best affirmation that 2016 JackPot is a legit device that is just adjusts to the stages of expert and authorized binary options broker.
2016 JackPot Review - Why Use 2016 JackPot ?
2016 JackPot is another, computerized trading administration that shows to traders the best expectations for their investment. It has a few points of interest, highlighted by the accompanying:
This product can transform your trading knowledge into a speedier, more beneficial, more secure and controlled experience. The initial move towards utilizing this brilliant tool is registration process. This is an exceptionally enrollment procedure, the 2016 JackPot will propose a binary options representative through which you can execute traders.
Every month or so, a new broker tops the suggestion list. Obviously, without a trading record, you can't trade. Along these lines a piece of the enrollment will take you through opening a record and making your first deposit.
*2016 JackPot Review - Trading with 2016 JackPot *
Trading binary options with 2016 JackPot is simple because it permits you to follow the software even if you have very little or no experience in trading.
You just have to follow these to make profit:
Inside minutes, the trade expires and the results are characterized. Binary options can either expire in-the-cash or out-of-the-cash. If you can accomplish a bigger measure of right forecasts, you can revel in huge benefits.
The 2016 JackPot is to a great degree simple to utilize, because it is incorporated with your trading stage, and in this manner all it requires from you is to pick your trades. The product makes an indicator by highlighting every present potential trade with either the Green color (signals that it is prescribing a "Call" alternative) or in Red (a signal to choose a “Put” binary option).
Bottom Line:
By emulating these trading indicators, traders can expand generously their benefit levels. Since binary options payouts are amazingly high, even a slight change can decipher into huge measures of cash. When you figure out how to utilize the 2016 JackPot reliably, you can generate an additional monthly income. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your copy now and start making money.
2016 JackPot Review
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options binaries - best binary options brokers in usa - my trading binary options scam aware 2016

options binaries - best binary options brokers in usa - my trading binary options scam aware 2016 submitted by TopVideosCasino to u/TopVideosCasino [link] [comments]

options binaries - best binary options brokers in usa - my trading binary options scam aware 2016

options binaries - best binary options brokers in usa - my trading binary options scam aware 2016 submitted by TopVideosCasino to u/TopVideosCasino [link] [comments]

options binaries - best binary options brokers in usa - my trading binary options scam aware 2016

options binaries - best binary options brokers in usa - my trading binary options scam aware 2016 submitted by TopVideosCasino to u/TopVideosCasino [link] [comments]

options binaries - best binary options brokers in usa - my trading binary options scam aware 2016

options binaries - best binary options brokers in usa - my trading binary options scam aware 2016 submitted by TopVideosCasino to u/TopVideosCasino [link] [comments]

options binaries - best binary options brokers in usa - my trading binary options scam aware 2016

options binaries - best binary options brokers in usa - my trading binary options scam aware 2016 submitted by TopVideosCasino to u/TopVideosCasino [link] [comments]

options binaries - best binary options brokers in usa - my trading binary options scam aware 2016

options binaries - best binary options brokers in usa - my trading binary options scam aware 2016 submitted by TopVideosCasino to u/TopVideosCasino [link] [comments]

Best Binary Options Brokers & Platforms 2016

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The classic WSB story - lost it all.

Going to keep this simple. EDIT: this isn’t simple and I should write a short story on this.
I am generally risk averse. I hate losing $100 at the casino, I hate paying extra for guac at chipotles, I will return something or price match an item for a few dollars of savings. I am generally frugal.
But, I somehow had no issues losing 10k in options...
How I started
I remember my first trades like they were yesterday. I was trading the first hydrogen run-up in 2014 (FCEL, BLDP, PLUG) and made a few hundred dollars over a couple weeks.
I quickly progressed to penny stocks / biotech binary events and general stock market gambling mid-2014. I was making a few % here and there but the trend was down in total account value. I was the king of buying the peak in run-ups. I managed to make it out of 2014 close to break-even to slightly down.
March 2015 was my first option trade. It was an AXP - American Express - monthly option trade. I saw one of the regular option traders/services post a block of 10,000 calls that had been bought for 1.3 and I followed the trade with 10 call options for a total of $1300.
I woke up the next day to an analyst upgrade on AXP and was up 50% on my position. I was addicted! I day-dreamed for days about my AXP over night success. I think around that time there was some sort of Buffet buyout of Heinz and an option trade that was up a ridiculous amount of %%%. I wanted to hit it BIG.
I came up with the idea that all I needed to reach my goal was a few 100% over night gains/ 1k>2k>4k>8k> etc. I convinced myself that I would have no problems being patient for the exact criteria that I had set and worked on some other trades.
Remember, the first win is always free.
I was trading options pretty regularly from March 2015 until August 2016. During my best week I was up 20k and could feel the milli within reach. I can remember the exact option trade (HTZ) and I was trading weeklies on it.
For those who have been in the market long enough, you will remember the huge drawdown of August 2015.
I lost half my account value on QCOM calls (100 of them) that I followed at the beginning of July and never materialized. I watched them eventually go to 0. It was another 10,000 block that was probably a hedge or sold.
In August 2015 there were some issues with China and all of us woke up to stocks gapping down huge. Unfortunately my idea of buying far dated calls during the following days/weeks after the crash went sideways. I quickly learned that an increase in volatility causes a rise in option prices and I was paying a premium for calls that were going to lose value very quickly (the infamous IV crush).
I kept trading options into the end of 2015 and managed to maintain my account value positive but the trading fees for the year amounted to $30,000+. My broker was loving it.
I tried all the services, all the strategies. I created rules for my option plays: 1. No earnings 2. Only follow the big buys at a discount (10,000 blocks or more). 3. No weekly options 4. Take profit right away 5. Take losses quickly 6. etc.
I had a whole note book of option plays that I was writing down and following. I was paying for option services that all of you know about - remember, they make money on the services and not trading.
I even figured out a loop-hole with my broker: if I didn’t have enough money in my account, I could change my ask price to .01 and then change it to market buy and I would only need to accept a warning ⚠️ for the order to go through. I was able to day trade the option and make money, who cares if I didnt have enough? After a few months of this, I got a call from my broker that told me to stop and that I would be suspended if I continued with this.
By the way, I was always able to satisfy the debit on the account - so it wasn’t an issue of lack of funds.
Lost it all. Started taking money from lines of credits, every penny that I earned and losing it quicker and quicker.
I was a full on gambler but I was convinced that 8 trades would offset all the losses. I kept getting drawn in to the idea that I could hit a homerun and make it out a hero.
I eventually hit rock bottom on some weekly expiring FSLR options that I bought hours before expiration and said to myself - what the f are you doing? I resolved to invest for the long term and stop throwing tendies away.
The feeling was reinforced during the birth of my first born and I thought - what a loser this kid will think of me if he knew how much I was gambling and wasting my life. It was a really powerful moment looking at my kid and reflecting on this idea.
I decided at that point I was going to save every penny I had and invest it on new issues with potential.
Fall 2016
TTD, COUP and NTNX IPO ‘ed I decided I was going to throw every dollar at these and did so for the next few months. I eventually started using margin (up to 215%) and buying these for the next 6 months. They paid out and managed to make it over 100k within the year.
The first 100k was hard but once I crossed it, I never fell below this magic number.
2017 - I did some day trading but it was mostly obsessing over the above issues. I did gamble on a few options here and there but never more than 1k.
2018 - SFIX was my big winner, I bought a gap up in June 2018 and my combined account value had crossed 400k by August 2018. I was really struggling at crossing the 500k account value and experienced 3 x 30-40% drawdowns over the next 2 years before I finally crossed the 500k barrier and have never looked back.
I still made some mistakes over the next few months - AKAO & GSUM come to mind. Both of these resulted in 20k+ losses. Fortunately my winners were much bigger than my losers.
I thought about giving up and moving to index funds - but i was doing well - just experiencing large drawdowns because of leverage.
2019 big winners were CRON SWAV STNE.
2017 / 2018 / 2019 all had six digit capital gains on my tax returns.
At the beginning of 2020 I was still day trading on margin (180-220%) and got a call from my broker that they were tightening up my margin as my account was analyzed by the risk department and deemed too risky. Believe it or not this was right before the covid crash. I brought my margin down to 100-110% of account value and even though the drawdown from covid hit hard, I wasn’t wiped out.
I stayed the course and bought FSLY / RH during the big march drawdown and this resulted in some nice gains over the next few months.
I am constantly changing and testing my investment strategy but let me tell you that obsessing over 1 or 2 ideas and throwing every penny at it and holding for a few years is the best strategy. It may not work at some point but right now it does.
I still day trade but I trade with 10k or less on each individual position. It allows me minimize my losses and my winners are 1-7%. I am able to consistently make between 3-700$/ a day on day trades using the above strategy. I still take losses and still dream about hitting it big with an option trade but dont feel the need to put it all on the line every month / week.
I finally crossed into the two , club. I know people are going to ask for proof or ban but I am not earning anything for posting and the details about some of the trades should be proof enough that I kept a detailed journal of it all. I have way more to write but these are the highlights.
Eventually I will share how I build a position in a story I love. I still sell buy and sell to early but I am working on improving.
TL:DR - I gambled, lost it all and gambled some more lost more. I made it out alive. I have only sold calls/puts lately.
The one common denominator in all successful people is how much they obsess over 1 or 2 ideas. Do the same. All the winners on this sub have gone all in on one idea (FSLY / TSLA ). Stick with new stories or ones that are changing and go all in...wait a second, I didnt learn anything.
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Forex Signals Reddit: top providers review (part 1)

Forex Signals Reddit: top providers review (part 1)

Forex Signals - TOP Best Services. Checked!

To invest in the financial markets, we must acquire good tools that help us carry out our operations in the best possible way. In this sense, we always talk about the importance of brokers, however, signal systems must also be taken into account.
The platforms that offer signals to invest in forex provide us with alerts that will help us in a significant way to be able to carry out successful operations.
For this reason, we are going to tell you about the importance of these alerts in relation to the trading we carry out, because, without a doubt, this type of system will provide us with very good information to invest at the right time and in the best assets in the different markets. financial
Within this context, we will focus on Forex signals, since it is the most important market in the world, since in it, multiple transactions are carried out on a daily basis, hence the importance of having an alert system that offers us all the necessary data to invest in currencies.
Also, as we all already know, cryptocurrencies have become a very popular alternative to investing in traditional currencies. Therefore, some trading services/tools have emerged that help us to carry out successful operations in this particular market.
In the following points, we will detail everything you need to know to start operating in the financial markets using trading signals: what are signals, how do they work, because they are a very powerful help, etc. Let's go there!

What are Forex Trading Signals?
Before explaining the importance of Forex signals, let's start by making a small note so that we know what exactly these alerts are.
Thus, we will know that the signals on the currency market are received by traders to know all the information that concerns Forex, both for assets and for the market itself.
These alerts allow us to know the movements that occur in the Forex market and the changes that occur in the different currency pairs. But the great advantage that this type of system gives us is that they provide us with the necessary information, to know when is the right time to carry out our investments.
In other words, through these signals, we will know the opportunities that are presented in the market and we will be able to carry out operations that can become quite profitable.
Profitability is precisely another of the fundamental aspects that must be taken into account when we talk about Forex signals since the vast majority of these alerts offer fairly reliable data on assets. Similarly, these signals can also provide us with recommendations or advice to make our operations more successful.

»Purpose: predict movements to carry out Profitable Operations

In short, Forex signal systems aim to predict the behavior that the different assets that are in the market will present and this is achieved thanks to new technologies, the creation of specialized software, and of course, the work of financial experts.
In addition, it must also be borne in mind that the reliability of these alerts largely lies in the fact that they are prepared by financial professionals. So they turn out to be a perfect tool so that our investments can bring us a greater number of benefits.

The best signal services today

We are going to tell you about the 3 main alert system services that we currently have on the market. There are many more, but I can assure these are not scams and are reliable. Of course, not 100% of trades will be a winner, so please make sure you apply proper money management and risk management system.

1. 1000pipbuilder (top choice)

Fast track your success and follow the high-performance Forex signals from 1000pip Builder. These Forex signals are rated 5 stars on, so you can follow every signal with confidence. All signals are sent by a professional trader with over 10 years investment experience. This is a unique opportunity to see with your own eyes how a professional Forex trader trades the markets.
The 1000pip Builder Membership is ordinarily a signal service for Forex trading. You will get all the facts you need to successfully comply with the trading signals, set your stop loss and take earnings as well as additional techniques and techniques!
You will get easy to use trading indicators for Forex Trades, including your entry, stop loss and take profit. Overall, the earnings target per months is 350 Pips, depending on your funding this can be a high profit per month! (In fact, there is by no means a guarantee, but the past months had been all between 600 – 1000 Pips).
>>>Know more about 1000pipbuilder
Your 1000pip builder membership gives you all in hand you want to start trading Forex with success. Read the directions and wait for the first signals. You can trade them inside your demo account first, so you can take a look at the performance before you make investments real money!
  • Free Trial
  • Forex signals sent by email and SMS
  • Entry price, take profit and stop loss provided
  • Suitable for all time zones (signals sent over 24 hours)
  • MyFXBook verified performance
  • 10 years of investment experience
  • Target 300-400 pips per month
VISIT 1000ipbuilder here

2. DDMarkets

Digital Derivatives Markets (DDMarkets) have been providing trade alert offerings since May 2014 - fully documenting their change ideas in an open and transparent manner.
September 2020 performance report for DD Markets.
Their manner is simple: carry out extensive research, share their evaluation and then deliver a trading sign when triggered. Once issued, daily updates on the trade are despatched to members via email.
It's essential to note that DDMarkets do not tolerate floating in an open drawdown in an effort to earnings at any cost - a common method used by less professional providers to 'fudge' performance statistics.
Verified Statistics: Not independently verified.
Price: plans from $74.40 per month.
Year Founded: 2014
Suitable for Beginners: Yes, (includes handy to follow trade analysis)

3. JKonFX

If you are looking or a forex signal service with a reliable (and profitable) music record you can't go previous Joel Kruger and the team at JKonFX.
Trading performance file for JKonFX.
Joel has delivered a reputable +59.18% journal performance for 2016, imparting real-time technical and fundamental insights, in an extremely obvious manner, to their 30,000+ subscriber base. Considered a low-frequency trader, alerts are only a small phase of the overall JKonFX subscription. If you're searching for hundreds of signals, you may want to consider other options.
Verified Statistics: Not independently verified.
Price: plans from $30 per month.
Year Founded: 2014
Suitable for Beginners: Yes, (includes convenient to follow videos updates).

The importance of signals to invest in Forex

Once we have known what Forex signals are, we must comment on the importance of these alerts in relation to our operations.
As we have already told you in the previous paragraph, having a system of signals to be able to invest is quite advantageous, since, through these alerts, we will obtain quality information so that our operations end up being a true success.

»Use of signals for beginners and experts

In this sense, we have to say that one of the main advantages of Forex signals is that they can be used by both beginners and trading professionals.
As many as others can benefit from using a trading signal system because the more information and resources we have in our hands. The greater probability of success we will have. Let's see how beginners and experts can take advantage of alerts:
  • Beginners: for inexperienced these alerts become even more important since they will thus have an additional tool that will guide them to carry out all operations in the Forex market.
  • Professionals: In the same way, professionals are also recommended to make use of these alerts, so they have adequate information to continue bringing their investments to fruition.
Now that we know that both beginners and experts can use forex signals to invest, let's see what other advantages they have.

»Trading automation

When we dedicate ourselves to working in the financial world, none of us can spend 24 hours in front of the computer waiting to perform the perfect operation, it is impossible.
That is why Forex signals are important, because, in order to carry out our investments, all we will have to do is wait for those signals to arrive, be attentive to all the alerts we receive, and thus, operate at the right time according to the opportunities that have arisen.
It is fantastic to have a tool like this one that makes our work easier in this regard.

»Carry out profitable Forex operations

These signals are also important, because the vast majority of them are usually quite profitable, for this reason, we must get an alert system that provides us with accurate information so that our operations can bring us great benefits.
But in addition, these Forex signals have an added value and that is that they are very easy to understand, therefore, we will have a very useful tool at hand that will not be complicated and will end up being a very beneficial weapon for us.

»Decision support analysis

A system of currency market signals is also very important because it will help us to make our subsequent decisions.
We cannot forget that, to carry out any type of operation in this market, previously, we must meditate well and know the exact moment when we will know that our investments are going to bring us profits .
Therefore, all the information provided by these alerts will be a fantastic basis for future operations that we are going to carry out.

»Trading Signals made by professionals

Finally, we have to recall the idea that these signals are made by the best professionals. Financial experts who know perfectly how to analyze the movements that occur in the market and changes in prices.
Hence the importance of alerts, since they are very reliable and are presented as a necessary tool to operate in Forex and that our operations are as profitable as possible.

What should a signal provider be like?
As you have seen, Forex signal systems are really important for our operations to bring us many benefits. For this reason, at present, there are multiple platforms that offer us these financial services so that investing in currencies is very simple and fast.
Before telling you about the main services that we currently have available in the market, it is recommended that you know what are the main characteristics that a good signal provider should have, so that, at the time of your choice, you are clear that you have selected one of the best systems.

»Must send us information on the main currency pairs

In this sense, one of the first things we have to comment on is that a good signal provider, at a minimum, must send us alerts that offer us information about the 6 main currencies, in this case, we refer to the euro, dollar, The pound, the yen, the Swiss franc, and the Canadian dollar.
Of course, the data you provide us will be related to the pairs that make up all these currencies. Although we can also find systems that offer us information about other minorities, but as we have said, at a minimum, we must know these 6.

»Trading tools to operate better

Likewise, signal providers must also provide us with a large number of tools so that we can learn more about the Forex market.
We refer, for example, to technical analysis above all, which will help us to develop our own strategies to be able to operate in this market.
These analyzes are always prepared by professionals and study, mainly, the assets that we have available to invest.

»Different Forex signals reception channels

They must also make available to us different ways through which they will send us the Forex signals, the usual thing is that we can acquire them through the platform's website, or by a text message and even through our email.
In addition, it is recommended that the signal system we choose sends us a large number of alerts throughout the day, in order to have a wide range of possibilities.

»Free account and customer service

Other aspects that we must take into account to choose a good signal provider is whether we have the option of receiving, for a limited time, alerts for free or the profitability of the signals they emit to us.
Similarly, a final aspect that we must emphasize is that a good signal system must also have excellent customer service, which is available to us 24 hours a day and that we can contact them at through an email, a phone number, or a live chat, for greater immediacy.
Well, having said all this, in our last section we are going to tell you which are the best services currently on the market. That is, the most suitable Forex signal platforms to be able to work with them and carry out good operations. In this case, we will talk about ForexPro Signals, 365 Signals and Binary Signals.

Forex Signals Reddit: conclusion

To be able to invest properly in the Forex market, it is convenient that we get a signal system that provides us with all the necessary information about this market. It must be remembered that Forex is a very volatile market and therefore, many movements tend to occur quickly.
Asset prices can change in a matter of seconds, hence the importance of having a system that helps us analyze the market and thus know, what is the right time for us to start operating.
Therefore, although there are currently many signal systems that can offer us good services, the three that we have mentioned above are the ones that are best valued by users, which is why they are the best signal providers that we can choose to carry out. our investments.
Most of these alerts are quite profitable and in addition, these systems usually emit a large number of signals per day with full guarantees. For all this, SignalsForexPro, Signals365, or SignalsBinary are presented as fundamental tools so that we can obtain a greater number of benefits when we carry out our operations in the currency market.
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Thisoption || A platform that needs to reckon with top tier

Thisoption || A platform that needs to reckon with top tier
Binary options were first introduced to the public in May 2008 and available for trading by American Stock Exchange(AMEX). In this trading method, you can bet on any financial assets and make a good amount of profit in a very short time. When the subprime mortgage crisis in USD occurred on one of the worst financial crises in human history then investors realized that they need a low-risk investment option which led to the emergence of binary options trading.
After AMEX launch this trading option for the first time publicly, some new binary options platforms were introduced by brokers such as 24option, Banc De Binary, and AnyOption. Those brokers are considered as the first one in binary options history. After that, we have seen a lot of brokers came into the market. A various trading platform dedicated to options trading emerged and start to support a wide range of crypto assets and tools for trading.

Advantage of Binary Option

Before jumping into our main topic. I want to show some advantages of Binary options trading to our users.
  1. Binary option gives traders to get a high return of investment with a minimal cost. That is a reason behind the popularity of binary options in the market.
  2. Binary options offer a high reward for a very short time. It can be from 1 minute to 1 hour.
  3. There is a limited risk and with proper money, management trader can use its advantages.
  4. Trade can be done only by choosing yes or no. Thats make it one of the simplest trading method of all.
  5. Very low investment is required for trading. Most of the brokers let their clients trade with only 50$.
  6. A wide range of trading assets pair is available for traders.
  7. It can be traded on any market condition from anyplace at any time.

What is ThisOption?

Thisoption is a product of the Thisoption ecosystem which is first founded in 2016. Its a trading platform that is dedicated to Binary options trading and they already engaged with huge amounts of active members in their platform. It is estimated at over 700,000 and the number is constantly changing over time. It’s a platform that offers up to 80% of the return of investment for the traders with over 100 international trading assets.

Advanatges of Thisoption.

Thisoption is another binary options trading platform that is well known for its high return of investment. There are several advantages of this platform and now I am going to introduce them to you guys.
  1. The high return of investment: Traders can get profits up to 80% of their initial investment and this platform is accessible from any device. A deal can be made with just a minute and its pretty fast.
  2. Low investment: Trades can stat up their trading account with just a handful of money and that is 50$. There is no KYC required to deposit, trade, or withdraw from the accounts.
  3. Limited risk: Thisoption is offering the best trading activity with the limited risk taken. It’s up to the traders how he is going to manage his fund and increases their portfolio.
  4. Many trading assets: Thisoption supports a wide range of international trading assets and even they will support crypto-fiat trading pair that is volatile and traders can make a huge profit through this market.
  5. 24/7 customer care: There is an active customer care service that can provide any help and support for the users. User will get a 24/7 customer care for solving their problems and any means necessary.


There is a lot of brokers that give a variety of tools for trading in their Binary options platform. Thisoption is one of them and to be honest, it already shows its place in the market with over 700,000 clients. We can only lead its constantly growing rate faster.

Website || Thisoption || Whitepaper || Telegram || Facebook || Medium

Author: u/thorex25
Disclaimer This article is not meant to give commercial or any other kind of advice. It is just an informative text at all.
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The Binary Book Scam Is One of the Most Popular Options Scam and here’s everything you need to know about it

In April 2016, Binary Book was added to the CFTC's RED list for illegally soliciting U.S. Residents. In May 2017, There was an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company. The FPA recommended a high level of caution dealing with Binary Book scam unless this issue can be resolved. Lee Elbaz, the CEO of Yukom, has been arrested by the US FBI for wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Yukom is the parent company of BinaryBook and BigOption.
The first thing that you will certainly notice concerning the dealer is its high deposit amounts. Typically the amount was corresponding to the lifetime savings of certain persons. High returns had been promised but these kinds of high returns when it comes to binary trading is simply not possible in all.
Binary Book scam has been exposed was because of the fact there were zero social networking accounts related with the bank account. This was a new clear cut instance of how typically the scammers wanted to be able to extort quick money and back off together with it in typically the very first place. Inside order to stay away from a setback, these people opened a Facebook account but that was inactive regarding quite a while. All reputed brokerages stay connected with dealers via their sociable accounts but that was not typically the case here.
Presently there is also a FPA Traders guilty vote against the company. The FPA recommends a high level regarding caution coping with Binary Book unless this particular issue could be solved. Binary Book also provides also been extra to the CFTC's RED list with regard to illegally soliciting its customers, clearly signifying the point that right now there are reasons exactly why it ended upward being a deceptive service.
Also, in accordance with certain reviewers through various binary discussion boards, the company marketed a lot of private information as to whenever they signed up with regard to the company, these people started getting a new large amount of spam e-mail from different binary sites across the world. This will be plainly indicative regarding the fact that will that they sell private details for a cost to all kinds of brokers and firms across the world.
About First Option Recovery
First Option Recovery, as a fund recovery firm, has managed to expose fraudulent companies for over a decade now and you can be assured that their unique methodology of dealing with such scams will definitely help you bring your money back and get it refunded into your bank account within a record period of 90 days. As a fund recovery group, they have dedicated themselves to eradicating financial frauds across the world and with the amount of experience that they carry and the legal advisors that they have, we believe that that they are the best fund recovery group in the world right now.
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Things To Know before Implementing Blockchain In Your Business 📷

The Revolution of Blockchain in today’s world is in its fullest swing. A recent article published by Forbes stated that within a year, the search results for the keyword blockchain on Google have increased by over 250%.
Now, the question is: what is Blockchain?
Blockchain or also known as DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) refers to an expanding collection of records.
Collection of these records are called blocks and each block has a cryptographic hash function that links it to the block that precedes it.
The databases of Blockchain are open, distributed ledgers that are generally managed by a peer-to-peer network. Data cannot be replicated, updated or deleted, once it is stored in a block.
Incorporation of Blockchain into business increases transparency, ensures accountability and abolishes third-party involvement.
The nodes of a blockchain do not require any intermediary to validate the transaction because the mechanism of blockchain designed such a way that one can self-validate transactions and make it valid from a legal point of view.
A recent survey by payment pulse of 500 CFOs, only 1.2% knows that how the blockchain could transform its business and make it more competitive.
It is important to understand why blockchain is important and evaluating the best solution for your business could prove to be the next step towards the success of your business.
In this article, I will help you understand why you need to adopt the blockchain and choose the best blockchain network that will produce the highest results for your business.
Why integrate the blockchain in business?
If you can increase the value of your business by bringing more transparency to your customers or if your business can benefit from a tamper-proof record keeping system or if your business can take advantage of a token-based business model, then the blockchain is suitable for your business.
The implementation of blockchain in companies can improve authenticity, transparency, and accountability within the organization.
However, it is interesting to note that most of the business applications of blockchain technology fall into two general categories:
Transfer of digital asset
In more technical terms, digital resources are contained that have been formatted in binary code and include the right to use these resources.
These resources are assigned digital ownership and include everything that is recorded online or offline on USB drives and SD cards. There are several online platforms for the transfer of these digital resources, but the disadvantage is the lack of security.
This is where the blockchain shines through its peer-to-peer network that is constantly checked. In the traditional model of digital marketing, each trading platform manages its own database in which all seller data are stored.
Although all data is protected by third parties, there is a central authority with access to all data.
In contrast, blockchain-based trading is based on decentralization, that is, buyers and sellers will have a comfortable and secure trading platform, with their identities remaining allows business to connect with their customers directly.
Transparency (Audit Logging)
Blockchain in business helps to maintain transparency by securely registering their activities and transactions.
All details remain intact and anonymous for each user but records all these transactions in an immutable ledger, which means that with the correct decryption code or a public key, all data can be accessed at any time.
This ensures transparency for all users on the network. All transactions will be easily accessible and visible so, the auditing on an organization make very easy.
Each transaction in a blockchain network can be easily tracked by its origin to its final destination.
For a supply chain system or asset management structure, such a level of transparency will add an additional layer of protection to the safety of their materials. The need for error checking, accounting activities advanced auditing is totally eliminating.
Now you know why you should embrace blockchain business.
you need to understand the basics of every blockchain network and the types of blockchain networks to decide the network that best fits your business.
Types of Blockchain
Public blockchains
As the name suggests, a public blockchain is an open, distributed and decentralized network.
Anyone can read, write, download the protocol or participate in a public network.
In a public blockchain transaction are saved as blocks and linked together to built a chain.
All new blocks are time-stamped and validated by all the computers connected to the network, called nodes before being written into the blockchain.
All of the nodes are equal and all the transactions are public. This means that a public blockchain is persistent, it means once data is verified it cannot be changed.
Ethereum is the most famous public channel. It is a chain of smart blocks of open contract type.
Private blockchains
A private blockchain, on the other hand, is a network of invitations only governed by a single entity.
Participants in the network must be allowed to read, write or check the blockchain. There may be multiple levels of access and information can be encrypted to ensure commercial confidentiality.
Without making data public-private blockchains allow organizations to use distributed ledger technology. But this obviously means that they lack a key element of the blockchain: decentralization.
Some critics argue that private blockchain centralized databases that use distributed ledger technology.
Private blockchains are relatively faster, more efficient and much cheaper than public blockchains because they require a lot of time and energy to validate transactions.
Federated or Consortium Blockchains
The federated blockchain tries to eliminate the only characteristic of autonomy in which all the authorities fall with a single entity, as in private blockchains. Essentially, there is more than one responsible entity.
A group of companies or representative individuals get together to make favorable network decisions. These groups are also called federations or consortiums, that is the reason the name blockchain federate or consortium.
These blockchains are able to execute a complete node, start and add transactions to the chain. It can also examine or control the blockchain in an explorer blockchain.
In these types of companies, blockchain can be adopted according to the degree of usability and accessibility of data and can be customized according to the specific needs of the company.
Once you have chosen the type of blockchain, the next step is to choose the appropriate blockchain platform.
Important Blockchain platforms
If private, public or federated, applying blockchain to a company is not easy.
The goals of any company would be cost reduction, customer retention, and cost savings.
The production practices and usability of each blockchain platform must be analyzed by a company to evaluate its effectiveness in increasing its productivity.
The adoption of a blockchain platform can increase work efficiency and reduce costs in each company. So, the next important factor that a company should consider is the platform to be used.
Let me introduce you to the most used and important blockchain platforms on the market.
EOS is a blockchain platform used for the development of decentralized apps (dApps). Facilitates the development of the dApp by providing a set of functions and services that can be used by the operating system.
The idea behind the development of EOS is to bring together the best features and the best promises of different smart contract technologies on the market. In simple terms, the EOS community aims to provide a scalable and easy-to-use application platform for everyday users.
EOS aims to create a blockchain-based platform that can quickly and securely scale thousands of transactions in a second while providing an accessible experience for developers, users, and entrepreneurs.
Their goal is to provide an operating system suitable for decentralized applications by providing services such as user authentication, cloud storage, and server hosting.
Main features of EOS:
  1. It is Scalable platform for dApp on an industrial scale
  2. Ability to execute millions of transactions per second.
  3. Activities and functions are monitored by Block One
  4. The consent model requires Delegated Proof Of stake (DPoS).
  5. Smart contracts are created using Web Assembly.
BigChainDB is an open source distributed ledger system designed to save large amounts of data and allow developers to distribute blockchain and proof of concept applications.
The database provides interrogation capabilities, decentralized control, immutability, low latency, powerful and high-speed transaction processing.
The system does not have its own currency but allows you to issue and transfer assets, tokens, and cryptocurrencies. BigChainDB supports custom digital resources and establishes access permissions at the transaction level.
BigChainDB is based on a model of consensus of the federation, a federation of nodes with voting privileges.
BigChainDB supports public and private networks, as well as intellectual property, public administration, human resources, and cadastre.
Main features of BigchainDB
  1. Highly customized for needs such as identity management, intellectual property management, and land registration, etc.
  2. Native support for multiple resources: in the absence of a native currency on BigchainDB, it is possible to issue assets, tokens or currency.
3 To ensure clear separation of activities and apply for selective access BigChainDB Set permissions at the transaction level.
  1. Options to write and execute any MongoDB query to find the contents of all the transactions, resources, metadata, and stored blocks. Made by MongoDB itself.
  2. Managed and owned by BigchainDB.
  3. BigChainDB is a distributed database system.
It is an open source Blockchain platform. Ethereum provides programming tools for its creation and executes smart contracts.
The platform can simplify both the development of new generation decentralized applications (DApp) and online contractual agreements. Ethereum allows its users to design and issue cryptocurrencies and negotiable digital tokens.
A user can create his own DAO (democratic autonomous organization), for example, a virtual organization in which various problems are solved by voting members.
Main characteristics of the Ethereum network:
  1. Popular with widespread applications and used mainly for P2P and B2C operations
  2. Most Activities are carried out by the developers
  3. In the case of a public blockchain, no specific authorization is required to access the content of the network.
  4. It is based on the Proof of Stake (POS) for the decision-making process.
  5. Smart contracts are built using the Solidity programming language
  6. It is powered by its native Ether cryptocurrency.
Corda is an open source Blockchain platform developed to create authorized distributed Ledger systems.
The project was generated by the R3 consortium, bringing together the major banks.
Corda Allows users to manage legal agreements between different parties. Like any other large distributed ledger, R3 Corda guarantees the security of data storage and the immutability of data logging.
It should be noted that only Corda allows the development of interoperable blockchain networks that conduct transactions in compliance with confidentiality.
For now, it is probably the only distributed accounting platform to have a connectable consensus.
Main features of the R3 Corda:
  1. Operates on a largely specialized ledger adapted to the needs of the financial sector.
  2. Corda is Governed and managed by the R3 company.
  3. For a private blockchain, permission is required to access the content of the network.
  4. Only the parties involved in a transaction can make a decision.
  5. In Corda, the Smart contracts are built in the Kotlin programming language.
Hyperledger fabric
The Linux Foundation release Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric in 2016. It is one of the most popular Hyperledger projects hosted by The Linux Foundation
For the implementation of the smart contract the fabric is written in Go and uses Docker containers. The platform serves as a basis for creating blockchain-based solutions with a modular architecture and supports the use of one or more networks.
This achieves high levels of reliability, flexibility, and scalability.
It also contains channels for sharing confidential information and approval policies for transactions.
Main features of the Hyperledger fabric:
  1. Preferred platform for B2B transactions and used primarily by companies.
  2. Activities are managed and monitored by the Linux Foundation.
  3. Since this is a private blockchain, data access permissions are limited.
  4. The consent process does not require the participation of all the nodes of a network.
  5. By using Golang programming language Smart contracts are built.
The integration of Blockchain into Business can impress its customers with transparency and loyalty.
By eliminating brokers, companies can deal directly with their customers, create lasting relationships and attract new customers.
The need for blockchain in companies is real and should become a huge market.
Rather than buying a centralized service architecture or paying a flat rate for Google or Amazon web services, it's always a good idea for companies to look for more comprehensive protection that can easily host their services on a hosting space. decentralized by a blockchain platform.
If you want to implement blockchain in your business contact Smart Crypto Solution. It is the most encouraging company with hard work and responsive customer approach. They provide different services like crypto coin development, ICO development, smart contract development, Blockchain development, Wallet development etc
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